Discover Google Listing Advantages


Google Listing Advantages Google Listings is one of the most important platforms you should have as a local business and it is for FREE. The biggest mistake I see is businesses not verifying their listing. This is a requirement from Google that will give you the opportunity to view your insights. This enables you to use […]

5 Free Tools For Every Business


1)      Evernote This is one of my favourite tools.  Evernote is a suite of software and services designed for note taking and archiving. I use this tool mainly to keep all important data together. This is very handy for quick access. All the data automatically syncs with my android device which mean I can access […]

How do you choose the right Web Designer?


How do you choose the right web designer? In most cases CEOs of companies and business owners really don’t know who to choose. They completely rely on the conversation and the positive attitude of the person or some feedback from references. The problem is that most web designers or developers in general do what have […]

Google may delete your Listing on the 21st of February 2014


Google may delete your Listing! This is NO joke. Have you received any mail from Google to confirm or update your Google Plus Local Listing? Have you received an email like this? If not, then log into your account and confirm that everything is fine. If you have not yet verified your listing you should […]

What Everybody Should Know… About How To Improve Customer Experience


How To Improve Customer Experience As the heading of this article indicates it still amazes me that business owners still don’t see or understand the value how to improve customer experience & relationships utilizing the digital world. Just by asking a very simple question – Have you looked at your mobile device within 1 hour […]

4 Facebook Marketing Tips you can Implement Immediately


4 Facebook Marketing Tips you can Implement Immediately Tip 1 – Link Your Page to Your Profile  I see so many profiles that have a DEAD PAGE in their “About” section when visiting a persons profile. This is a lost opportunity and should be linked to your business page like the preview below.  Go to […]

Google AdWords or Facebook Ads?


Google AdWords or Facebook Ads? The quick answer is, it really depends on your goal.   The goal with Facebook ads is to generate interest in your business by targeting people who may have a need or want for your products and services in the future. Should you decide run ads on Google AdWords, you […]

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